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8 Free Acne Treatments and Solutions

Acne treatments need payments before you can see if they actually made improvements on your skin or not. These treatments range from the simple over-the-counter remedies to more complex micro dermabrasions. However, if you want to try free acne treatments first before you spend a large amount of money on other remedies, here are some tips to get you started.

1) Wash your face and your hair regularly.

One of the free acne treatments you can resort to is with the frequent washing of your face. When you have acne, you should keep your face from oil by washing it twice or thrice a day. You should also wash your hair frequently to avoid grease on your face.

2) Wash your face gently.

When washing your face, be sure to go gently with it to prevent your acne from getting irritated and becoming worse.

3) Do not touch your face.

Avoid putting your hands on your face since it is tantamount to intentionally putting bacteria on your face and skin pores. If you want absolutely free acne treatments, this is one tip that you should follow.

4) Keep a mild acid pH on your skin.

Free acne treatments like maintaining your face with a mild acid pH is beneficial for your skin. Having low pH is also unfriendly for bacteria so it eliminates acne, making it one of the best free acne treatments.

5) Use skin care products that are non-comedogenic.

When you use non-comedogenic products, you allow your pores to breathe. Water-based products are also suggested for people suffering from acne.

6) Use moisturizer and Benzoyl peroxide.

This is not exactly one of the free acne treatments. But investing in a good moisturizer along with Benzoyl peroxide will go a long way in maintaining your skin more balanced and in giving your skin a normal and non-flaky appearance.

7) Remove dead cells.

Exfoliating hair follicles is also one of the best free acne treatments. When you eliminate dead cells from the surface layer of the skin, you keep your follicles clean and prevent cells and sebum from accumulating.

8) Reduce your stress.

Another one of the really free acne treatments is relaxing yourself. When you take time out to put yourself in a relaxing mood, you put your hormones to rest. Consequently, this reduces stress in a significant way, thus keeping acne aggravation at bay.

There are a lot more suggestions that center on free acne treatments that can help you manage your acne properly. The trick with these free acne treatments is to be consistent in following them. The obvious advantage is that they are free acne reatments, which means you do not have to spend anything considerable. But if you feel that these free acne treatments are not effective acne treatments, you can always try the more expensive ones.


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