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Using Castor Oil for Acne

People who use castor oil for acne might be glad to know that it has made its way into cosmetics. Castor oil has non-comedogenicity properties, meaning it does not aggravate the skin or acne. Because of this, castor oil has become beneficial for people who are suffering from acne. But aside from that castor oil also offers benefits for those who want to improve their skin.

If you’re one of those people who want to use castor oil for acne, here’s a home remedy that’s also proven to provide wonderful effects for your skin.

·After washing your face every night, steam your face for 20 minutes, then every other night after steaming your face, massage a half teaspoon castor oil for acne over your face.

·Leave the castor oil for acne on your face to absorb it while you sleep at night and wash it off right away upon waking up.

·Steam face for twenty more minutes in the morning after washing. When you finish steaming your face wet your face with cool water and dry it.

·If you see that your skin starts to show signs that a pimple is forming, take one night off from steaming and castor oil. Instead of applying castor oil for acne remedy, apply benzoyl peroxide on your face.


·Take the next night off likewise from the steaming, castor oil, and benzoyl peroxide. The following night, do the facial regimen with steaming and castor oil the following night.

This beauty tip, which makes the most of using castor oil for acne, is guaranteed to moisturize your face. Also, using castor oil for acne will also help to smooth away skin disorders, but only if you work on it constantly..

There are a lot of acne sufferers who use massage oil mixes from castor oil for acne remedies. To make a home-made massage oil, mix together one-half cup each of castor oil and almond oil. Add a teaspoon of camphor oil to make an effective solution of castor oil for acne. Mix the mixture of castor oil for acne well. Apply the castor oil for acne relief.

Many people have also stated that when they use castor oil for acne relief such as in an oil cleansing method, they have observed that their faces had a clearer appearance. These results can be achieved merely by putting castor oil on your face and on your neck. There’s no need to wash off your make up first before applying castor oil.

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